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APFC/EPFO Interview Discussion
  • q: Why do you want to join EPFO?

    Ans: Sir I have been brought up in a village and many of the persons in my village are working as labourer in unorganised sectors. I have seen them suffering due to reasons like illness, accidents, no work at older age, poverty etc. I have been thinking of doing something for them and EPFO will provide me that opportunity because if they are brought under the net of EPFO their life can be made a little bit comfortable.

    Please post your views on the above..............Add more relevant things if you feel is required..

  • Today is also gone..........
  • Kya bat hai sab ke sab gayab ho gaye hain blog se..................are koi hai...........
  • Good MORNING....................................Chalo mai khud ko to wish ker hi sakta hun...............koi or to nazar hi nahi aa raha is blog pe....................sab strike pe hain............
  • now its confirmed result is going to be declare on 30 feb 2013....
  • @Kiran:

    Good one............
  • 30 feb ???
  • My gut feeling is that Result will come in Feb and cutoff may be below 70 for Gen.

    Hope everybody is now clear that 70+ guys are very very few in number and given the unpredictability of UPSC,score within 65-70 will be good enough to get a call for interview.
  • I have been silently watching all the comments since the start of this thread but only now have been tempted to write as the wait has certainly grown a bit longer.I do not see my chances in the APFC exam but still wait daily for the result in the hope that my roll no also figures in the interview list.But many in the forum seem to be quite hopeful of their scores as per their posts.
    I am employed with a psu for the last 12 yrs but today enjoying a paid holiday sort of thing in office(I and the association that I belong to ,has not supported the bandh.) due to the All India general strike of 2 days courtesy trade unions of INDIA.

    What do you think of todays All India general strike and the issues it wishes to address?what is the relevance of trade unions in open economy?Are the Labour Laws a hindrance to growing economies like India?
    pls comment
  • @Vikas , I will not like to delve deeper into the things , but on a cursory note i will like to say that : Yes, the labor laws are certainly a problem in the industrial development of our country and needs to be more flexible but given the clause that there should be some kind of social protection scheme which takes care of human development in addition to economic development .Economic development need not necessarily transform into overall human development .SO , before you bring flexible labor laws , take care of the labors .
  • AAj to UPSC wale bhi strike pe hain............waise APFC result ke liye to kab se hadtal pe baithe hain......
  • Har din ki trah aaj ka din bh nummidi pe hi khatm ho raha hai...............
  • O aaj ka din bhi khatm..........wahi roj roj ka kissa duhraya ja rha hai........
  • dosto pareshan mat ho ..10 din ke baad 30 feb aane wala hai tab aa jaYega apfc ka result ..
    tab tak intezar ka maza lijiYE....2-2 pag lagate hue......cheers
  • @kiran
    After getting from you the confirmed news about the declaration of APFC result on 30 FEBRUARY 2013, my joys have crossed their limit and i am deeply feeling indebted to you.
    For the same reason i have arranged a special dinner at hotel "le meridian pune" at 21:00, Pune, on 30 February 2013.
    You will receive special chartered flight tickets on 29 FEBRUARY 2013 at your address. A special "limo" will pick you up from your home and drop you from Pune airport to hotel. The most beautiful new hotties of town, those who will be accompanying us on this special occasion are "Mayawati, Jaylalitha, Mamata Bannerji, and Pratibha Patil". You may please extend this list at your pleasure sir ! Expenses will be mine to invite the guests in extended list.
    This invitation is with the deepest insist. Please dont give any excuses to not to attend this special dinner, as i know that your 1 hour time cost is in crores of rupees and pounds, you should come to give a little favour to your loving bro whose love is beyond and worth of those crores of rupees or pounds.
    I hope to see you at the venue at the desired time and date and also that the dinner will be an awesome experience with the hotties invited to please you !
    Thank you in advance bro !
    PAGAR3P !
  • @pagar3p pagar bhai 31st february ko usko meri party me bhi le aana plz. Hotal Taj, gateway of india, mumbai. Plz inkar mat karna. Good night
  • @pagar3p
    hahahaha ...lolzzzz kYa sir itni maharbani karenge to APFC k salalRY to isi me chali jaYegi....
    @ashish... haan bhai aapka card mil gaya hai mujhe ..31 feb ..sure aa jaonga ....rashtpati bhawan me ....
    aur koi hai KYA jo 32 feb ko parTY de paYE...
    BTW jokes apart....kal kuch na kuch confrm aaYega .... mains, ias notiication OR apfc ka result ...
    lets c whts going to be happen
  • @Pagar and Ashish:

    Wah Itni Grand Party........................Kiran is going to have too much fun...............Cheers. Kabhi aisi party hum logon ke liye bhi organise karo..............per not in February but any other month.

  • Friends anyone in a position to say when the result is coming?????????????????????? Todya........Tomorrw.........orrrrrrr.............pta nahi......keep cheking the website........
  • No sign of result
  • ahh finally upsc declare the apfc result.... what a relief

    kassh asia ho pata.......
  • Haan ab to ye soch ke hi santosh karna padta hai ki........kabhi na kabhi to result aayega hi.........
  • Result may come after the completion of the civil services process in May .
  • if APFC result doesnt come tomorrow; perhaps we will have to wait for another month !
  • Ab to aisa hi lag raha hai ki CSE ke bad hi apne result ki bari aayegi..........lets see what happens !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i have some news..........if my known RPFC-2 is to be believed.
    according to him, the result will come within next week. The person who deals with recruitment in EPFO is an lady RPFC-2. She is on leave and will join back on monday. I will confirm, at least something, on Monday.
  • @all hi friends.
  • @Pagar ji Sorry,
    mujhey thoda dd 1 dekhney ka sauk hai, us per do detective serial atey hai.
    Actual ap aur mr. baldev ki English communication (writing) same lagi. isliye mainey kah diya.
    ye to sahi hai dost ki result ke barey me sirf hawa hai. sam ke bad tai tai fuss (hwa nikal jayegi)
    sorry dear
  • Good Morning friends,

    Aaj koi sambhawna hai kya? Ya UPSC aise hi soye rahegi................koi jagao isko..........
  • @ Pagar & @Ashish:

    Where are you? Blog pe dikhai hi nahi de rahe? Strike to khatm ho gayi bhai.............
  • @pravin how r u bhai? Sach pucho to blog se dil tut gaya hai. UPSC ka behaviour bahut bura laga, koi shedule hi nhi hai result ka! Pata nahi 800 students ka result taiyar karne ke liye unhe kitna time chahiye. Kuch new comers blog par aaye, ramp ki tarah apna jalwa bikhera aur wapas chale gaye. Pagar se bhi mujhe kuch reply mile kafi time ho gaya, shayad mere less knowledge ko wo priority nahi deta hai. Blog par sahi puchho ab sirf aap hi ka response mujhe khich kar lata hai.
    Thanks & hv great day, may god let them give apfc result today.
  • @pravin how r u bhai? Sach pucho to blog se dil tut gaya hai. UPSC ka behaviour bahut bura laga, koi shedule hi nhi hai result ka! Pata nahi 800 students ka result taiyar karne ke liye unhe kitna time chahiye. Kuch new comers blog par aaye, ramp ki tarah apna jalwa bikhera aur wapas chale gaye. Pagar se bhi mujhe kuch reply mile kafi time ho gaya, shayad mere less knowledge ko wo priority nahi deta hai. Blog par sahi puchho ab sirf aap hi ka response mujhe khich kar lata hai.
    Thanks & hv great day, may god let them give apfc result today.
    i was busy a little bit due to some tragedy. And UPSC to has dissapointed me badly. Some new comers also disturb a lot. So stayed away for a while
    nothing left to predict, but now only whats left is not ending 'wait'. Today also least possibility with a dim ray of hope.
    ok bhai kab tak ek dusaro ko sorry bolate rahenge ? Ab sab thik hai. Ok ?
    Bro, couldnt understand relation between EPFO recruitment cell and UPSC ! Please elaborate ! I too called EPFO headquarter but they said that "we dnt have any idea" about APFC result ! Is something going in betwn UPSC & EPFO ?
  • @Pagar & @Ashish:

    Very true.........pta nahi is rat ki kab subah hogi...........
  • @ something from a blog..
    Just received an email from UPSC stating:

    "Confirmation has NOT been received from the Bank Authorities regarding payment of Fees of Rs. 25/- for the above mentioned post. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions contained in Commission’s Advertisement No. 51/2012 dated 14.04.2012 for the above mentioned Post, your application has been rejected. Appeal against the rejection, if any, may be made along with the documentary evidence by speed post or by hand to Under Secretary (SPC), U.P.S.C., Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110069. Appeal against such rejection should be received in the Commission’s office within 10 days from the date of issue of this letter/e-mail. On receipt of documentary proof of genuine fee payment, your case will be considered and your application will be revived, if you are otherwise eligible."

    The email is signed by U. Lakra (Under Secretary (SPC))

    Has anyone else received a similar email?
    its about apfc exams..why this sudden spurt in activity..may b something on d cards
  • @iNDIAN83:

    When did you receive such email
  • pravin,i din't receive dat email..some guy posted this on a blog..he got it..we all can check our emails,if anybody else too received such a mail

  • I mean on which date.
  • today itself
  • @indian83.. please post the url of the blog as well.. for some more clarity
  • @Indian83
    Will you please confirm is this mail for post of APFC or Air Worthiness officer ? or give a link of that blog ? Everybody Please take a print out of Bank Statement showing the transaction of payment of Rs. 25 with Transaction number in PDF format.

    hey friends plz check this news item about cse(20th feb)
    if they change syllabus at the 11th hour it will create prob 4 candidates hvn last attempt
    so they sud increase the attempts as they did in 1979.(they had refreshed all attempts of gen candidates who were within 30 yrs of age as it was a major overhaul change)
    hope they do it 2
    wat abt epfo res
    plz friends gv some info abt cse
  • @sidharthagopi
    Thanks for the link bro !
  • UPSC hardly keeps a Friday blank ! So what is the time for ?
  • pagar, its for apfc,its on d ias interview community on orkut,and today in all probablity,cse mains results are going to be published.
  • @Pagar & Indian83

    I Don't think that after taking examination and 5 months after examination. UPSC will send a mail to any candidate that your candidature is rejected due to non confirmation of the fee payment. I mean there is no logic in such argument.....its really rediculous. It is done much before the examination only and not afterwards.
  • @indian83
    please give the url from browser history ! I am connected with that community but there are various threads and it will take a lot time to check individual thread