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APFC/EPFO Interview Discussion
  • Hello everyone,
    I have been reading the comments on this discussion thread for a long time, however this is my first comment. Yes, I do agree with few people on this forum that reading comments here is kind of stress buster for those who are anxiously waiting for the result. At least its true in my case. I too check the UPSC website and immediately come to this thread for any latest update.

    However today I called up UPSC epbax no. mentioned in telephone directory, a thing which I had done a month ago too. Incidentally the same person picked up the phone after I waited for the operators assistance and asked her to connect me to a person who could provide news about APFC result.

    The person replied in Hindi "Ahbi 15 din aur lagenge" . I pointed it to him that it was the same reply that you gave me a month ago. Then he said that I am a front person and we can convey the same whatever we are told by our superiors. He did not give reasons for delay but he was speaking with conviction that it may get delayed by another 15 days.

    I know its kind of sad but I think its true. Right from horses mouth.

  • Hi dhiren welcome to the blog!
    Ya that guy might be true in telling the results might come after 15 days. But it cannot always be true as its a standard reply of those upsc people to say " wait for 15 days" instead of directly saying i donno. But we have a hope of expecting the results to come on march 8th.. So lets see..
  • chhodo na dosto, ab UPSC pe koi bharosa nahi raha. mujhe lagata hai, 22 March 2013.
    is anybody aware whether UPSC will send fictitious fee candidates the mail regarding confirmation of fee payment mail, if such candidates send documentary proofs of the same and turns out to be genuine?

  • If fictitous fee mails are true then result will take another 15 days.nobody is in hurry except the candidates.
  • yes, fictitious mail is correct, 5 people on this blog have received such mail, I too called on U Lakra number to know the date and they to replied positively.
  • @pagar did u ask this u lakra when the results of apfc is coming ???
  • @aspirant
    i asked and got answer "next week"

    but still go to comment number 817 of this blog i am giving a link and read my comment, you will find something interesting 'finally march 2013 will arrive shortly'
  • Unable to click on that comment no 817 as its not a hyperlink! So u yourself manually paste that comment for all of us...
  • APFC ka result tab aayega jab sabhi log iske bare mein sochna bund kar denge. Main to ye blog ab din mein keval ekbar hi dekhne laga hun.
  • Ok here's pagar s comment number 817 on this blog! :

    @aspirant : I did; giving here what replies i received
    EXAM SECTION : result is expected soon; me: any tentative date sir ?
    Up : can't say but it should come in february second or third week.
    Me : sir may i know which section can give exact answer ?
    Up: try service section number
    me : thank u sir!
    Then i tried service section number
    me : sir when epfo apfc result will come ?Up : it will come in march. cut$$§...
    Re1 section
    me : sir is epfo apfc result ready ?
    Up : pata nahi yaar,
    me : sar kis section me pata chalega ?

    Up : recruitment me enquiry karo cut $$$

    $recruitment section
    me : madam when epfo apfc result wil....
    Up : aap ko kis se baat karani hai ? (kind and soft voice)

    me : mam i wanted to knw abt epfo apfc result
    up : this is a residence number, please call on office number.So thats all and I went back to chamber to sort out my files.
  • looks, somebody told me that result will come in march. So that's what i want to say.
  • just called Mr Jina on 23385176;
    me : sir UPSC online services section ?
    He : yes
    me : sir i had received fictiti ous fee mail for APFC and i have sent documents; would i get a fee confirmation mail ? (i lied)
    He : what doc you have sent ?
    Me : sir attested copy of bank statement !
    He : dont worry about fictitious fee payment. There wont be any problem from UPSC.
    Me : sir actually i am really worried !
    He : why are you worrying ? This is not final result and UPSC will not cause any problem over fictitious fee payment. A Chance will definitely be given to candidates.
    Me : yes sir ! We believe in UPSC !
    He : so do we believe candidates !
    Me : sir when result may come ?
    He : it may come in this or next week or anytime !
    Me : thank you sir !
    He : ok
    phone disconnected
    the person i talked was really in a good mood.

  • Hi Pagar,

    Even i called the same number. he said usi mail mein attachment bhej do. after i asked about the results first he shouted sab log kyon khoon choos rahe ho. then he calmed and said hame bhi apki tara website par results aane ke baad hi malum padtha he. I said sorry sir for disturbing you. he politely answered result bas jaldi hi aajayega.

    Meanwhile some thing new have been uploaded on the upsc website guess its about some other exam results.
  • @virendra
    in reality UPSC people are sucking our blood.
    New uploads are mark sheets of cs mains and CISF.
    May god give me some mercy and let APFC be next !
  • @pagar nice work there... But analysing that guy's reply may be he is the wrong person we are asking results from...
    Cse mains results were announced on 22nd and upsc people were confirming that results will come on that day back on 20th and 21st itself...
    And upsc hasn't announced marks sheet of cse mains as u have mentioned !
  • @aspirant
    yes, apparently, he was the wrong guy to give info about apfc result.

    i thought of cms as cs mains but it is actually combined medical services.

    Marksheet-CMS Exam.- 2012(Written Not Qualified)
    Marksheet-CMS Examination- 2012(Written Qualified)
  • Ok one more thought. Lets just believe that person and think that upsc is not going to do anything over non payments of fees ... Then it means there's a real possibility of results coming either this week or next coz the only premise we thought upsc cant announce results before march 3rd is the fictious fee issue.
  • @aspirant
    yes totally agree with your thought. It is confirmed that fictitious fee is not gonna speed break APFC result .
    What i an worried now is "what if my roll number doesnt appear in list ?"
  • @pagar there's no point in worrying over that. Dont worry, u will definitely clear and everyone should hope they will clear too... Yaar everybody on the blog has gone totally silent and I'm getting a feel as if this blog is only for u and me!! :-)
    anyways lets hope the result to come either tomoro or nxt week...
    And try calling this number tomoro once 011- 23386315
  • @Aspirant:

    Don't feel that you and Pagar are alone on this blog........many others are watching you both......
  • @Pravin hello boss, how r u ? Where were u whole day, i just checked it 15times today but not found u a single time. Hv good evening
  • @Ashish:

    Kuch nahi yaar bas ab oob gya hun wiat ker ker ke.........
  • @pravin aisa mat kaho yaar, hum intejar karenge uska qayamat tak, khuda kare ki qayamat ho aur result aaye.

  • Ashish:

    Ab to jo bhi ho intezar to ker hi rahe hain sab log......
    tomorrow is Friday, so what is the chance ?
    I think its time for civil services notification.
    Will this Friday go blank for APFC result ? Or this Friday will end the unbearable wait for APFC candidates ?
  • @pagar, no my guess says it is for cse not. not for apfc. sorry bhai, dil yahi kahta hai to honestly bata diya. mera naam upar tha to reply bi upar karne ka man huwa. how r u ?
  • cs changes was approved by authority in this week. so upsc may come with notification if they are working real hard.otherwise it will come definitly in next week. AFPC chances are still high with cs or without cs notification in this week.
  • pagar bhai
    2moro upsc may come up with a brief notice abt cse like the ifs one in
    notice 4 cse n ifs will cm combined on mar 9
    dnt no y tey delayn apfc
    y alwys tey r so opaque in the world of transparency n good governance
  • Guys sometimes i wont be able to sign into this blog at all... Yesterday after evening i wasn't able to sign in and i use this blog from my mobile dono wats the problem...
    Anyways i think cse notification is going to come on 9th ( it will come yearly on a Saturday)... Today or 8th is a good day for apfc results..
  • @all
    thank you for responding friends.
    it is sometimes a problem to log in on mobile, it gives message like "this website is offline", log in failed, use open id", etc.
    but gets connected usually.
  • @pAGAR:

    Upsc has given 10 days time to sort out the issue of fictitious fees. It will end on 03.03.2013 and therefore in my view we may expect the result only after that. I thing 8th march might be the end of our wait....
  • @pravin but that upsc fellow replied to pagar saying that irrespective of fictious fee issue candidates will qualify for interview.. So in my view this fee issue should not become a hindrance for upsc to announce results...

    @pagar meanwhile try giving a call on this number and tell what they say 01123386315
  • @Aspirant:

    Do you still believe the people at UPSC who tell anything to the candidates to avoid phone calls. They have been doing it since December 2012. I think we must go by what has been given to the candidates in black and white wherein it has been clearly mentioned that candidates have to submit the proof within 10 days. This is not CIVIL Services for which UPSC is always under pressure of timely compliance. I think UPSC will take this 10 days (Even more) to first finalise this fictious fee issue and then go for publishing the result. So in my view we should not be so optimistic even for 8th. As far as today is concerned, this is going to be CSE 2013 only.
  • @pagar sorry friend , i tried logging in yesterday but couldnt do bcoz of site problems !!! i see a good chance of results coming today.. prelims notifications is scheduled next friday.. so there is nothing else left for upsc except apfc results.. shaam tak parda uth jaana chahiye .. i have my fingers crossed and all the very best to everyone !!!! gud luck !!!
  • when ever result come dosnt matter...but interview should be after civil service 2012 final that some of civil service student will not appear in APFC interview..competition will be less..any how two result are awaited APFC n IES.. lets see whos week is this.
  • whenever i am visiting other blogs I find, people have gone mad about APFC, some people are even claiming that this time APFC training will be with international attachment. My god ! how does these rumors get generated ? International Attachment and that too for EPFO ? Is it possible ?
  • @pagar Lmao! That was crazy!! International attachment! :-D
    Bro i thought this was the most active blog for apfc aspirants! But no !
    Did someone call upsc lately ??
  • international attachment ????? really ??? but only brazil or russia please ~!!!!!!!!!!
  • i called just now.. the person said march ke dusre hafte mein !!!!!!!!!!
  • @sampan
    thats a good news bro, if all optionals are completely removed then i must take this exam !
  • something being uploaded ! UPSC.GOV.IN isnt opening, get ready Civil aspirants !
  • @Sampan which number u called ? 01123386315 ??
    @pagar whenever doesn't work always try that ip address... It opens fine
  • @aspirant yes i called on the same number
    @pagar upsc is opening.. any ways upsc has confirmed that notification will cum in next week.. they haven't recieved it from pmo .. it will take 2-3 days more to get it frm pmo and they will notify next friday...
  • second week of march means between 7 to 15 th of march. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    again game play !
  • @Pagar:

    I think we should stop calling UPSC and increase our anxiety and subsequently get disappointed. If some body calls he should ask..........."Sir APFC ka result kitne dino tak nahi aane ki sambhawna hai ? Kisi bhi result ke late hone ka UPSC ka maximum record kitna hai? Kya is bar APFC ka result sabke email id pe bhejne ki koi yojna hai?

    I think these are the relevent questions.. we should ask them...
  • @pravin
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    aur ye bhi
    1. sir bharat sarakar epfo ko band karawa rahi hai ?
    2. sir kya apfc ka exam april fool ke liye liya tha ?
    3. sir apfc ki recruitment pakistani government ko di gayi hai ?
    etc etc
  • @Pagar:

    Correct !!!!! and if somebody dares he can ask these questions also..........

    1. UPSC APFC ka result publish karne ka kitna legi?
    2. UPSC APFC ke result ko latkane ka kitna liya hai?

    and above all

    Kya UPSC ko samapt karne ka koi proposal PMO bheja gaya hai?

    Try the above questions........