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APFC/EPFO Interview Discussion
  • Thank u pravin ji, anyways which state u r from n what job u r in currently. I m from bihar n working at psu.
  • @ Ashish: I am also from Bihar and working in PSU.
  • I dont know much about the interview for the post of apfc. But one thing I'm sure is that the interview is the sole deciding criteria for final selection. Which means that even if u get 90+ in the written and do poorly in interview then there are very high chances that u may get rejected... This is a free and fair competition only the truly deserving will be amongst the final 253 candidates.
    @ashish there are no great people here for sure. You are getting 78 only because of ur talent..

    I think result should be out by 24th if not atleast by 31st. So be patient until then and prepare for some other exams. Most importantly dont be over confident that u wil qualify because nobody really can't say that until results are out by Upsc.
  • @ Aspirant:  I completely agree. 

    If someone has met anybody who had appeared in the interview earlier.  His experience can be shared.

  •  Wish to know about any site that has economics quizzes in accordance with CSAT pattern.
  • Dear All,

    I had a word with Mr. KK Saraswat (R-1 Examinations) in UPSC  (Ph# 011-23385627). He confirmed that the result for APFC will be declared in the last week of January 2013. 
  • Thanks dear,  Let us hope that it happens this time.  Otherwise they are only making us wait, wait and wait..........
  • @aspirant my mail id is [email protected] please send me  that pdf
  • Wat u guys think??
  • @ Aspirant: I think if result is out in january last.  Interview must be in the last week of February.
  • @ Aspirant

    Generally two or more months time is kept between written result because 

    1. Call letters shall reach to every candidate by post. (Though PDF is available on website)
    2. Many candidates need to get various certificates before interview like non creamy layer, caste certificate, attestation form et etc.
    3. Students coming from all over India should get adequate time for Train Reservations.
    4. UPSC finalizes interview board in 1 to 1.5 months.
    5. Some time is given to candidates for any kind of irregularity in name, education, etc etc.

  • @Pagar3p: You mean,  interview will happen in April First Week even if the result is out in January last?
  • @Suripelapu

    All sort of documents are available on EPFO website and EPFO officers and staff union website. 
  • I am sorry to say but UPSC does not take so much time for interview preparation. for eg last year 2011  Civil Mains Interview--The result was declared on 8th Mar and interview started from 18th March.
  • I think all depends upon the schedule of the UPSC. It can take the interview in 15 days after result or take its time. 
  • @sonu..
    10 days, isnt much of a time, for anyone....last yr CS Mains result for interview was declared on 1st march 2012 n interviews started from 19th march n contd till mid april or so...however apfc is a different ball game altogether as it isnt a yearly exam..i'd say it'll depend on UPSC's schedule only...

    Guys, i read somewhere panel wont include upsc members but only epfo officers..views??
  • @pagar: i was about to give the same argument here that the civil service exam mains results were announced on march 2nd 2012 and interview started from 19th the same month giving a time gap of just 17 days and this true for the previous 3 years...i can surely say that Upsc never gives more than 20 days span for the interview after the announcement of written result. That is not a concern here but the real concern is the interview schedule of the elite Indian Forest Service exam falls in February and dono how Upsc tweaks the apfc interview schedule in the same month if indeed it announces the written result in the last week of Jan.
    @ishu i strongly feel there will be atleast one member in the panel who belongs to the epfo but certainly not all the members. The head of the panel will certainly be a full time member of the Upsc.
  • @pagar what would be the weightage of academic marks in the interview ??? i mean if a candidate puts up a good show in the interview along with good written scores... will he able to get in or academics does play a significant part ???
  • in civil services rectrmnt process; documents r submitted while mains. For exams like APFC some gap may be given, bcz there is no mains exam. (Finally it can not be predicted.)

    @Sampan : interview scores are divided like (for example purpose 10 points for academics 10 for related experience, 10 for desirable qualification, 10 for body language 10 for communication, etc etc) so all things are going to play an important role.
  • I think if result is delayed UPSC will give lesser time for interview, because civil services interviews will be in March and April. Then APFC interview should be in February itself.  But Ultimately nothing can be predicted for UPSC.  It may happen after civil services interview or why not along with Civil Services.

    @Ishu:  Interview panel will be headed by UPSC member only and there may be one person from EPFO or  UPSC may arrange for scholars in the field of Social Welfare and Labour Laws in the panel from any institution or University.
  • Hi all, i have a question, in case we get an interview call, will they ask for print out of online application submitted while appearing for interview ?
    i have not taken the print out then :( or will they give a link to reprint?
  • @laks_05
    your origional certificates, with self attested photocopy sets , duly filled attestation form, pasprt size photos and interview call letter is only what is required. (UPSC clearly instructs candidates to retain ORA and admit card hall ticket in case of any future reference, dispute etc; so be careful next time)
  • Thanks for the info pagar3p :)
  • @laks05 i think once the results are announced on the site then upsc will ask all the people who are selected to send their original ORA and attested certificates to their office. After verification of the same only then will they send the call letters. U are supposed to have that call letter and the originals of the academic/caste certificates on the day of Ur interview.
  • @ aspirant
    Read recruitment notification carefully.
  • @pagar read points numbered 6C and 7(A) in page 3 of the recruitment notification.
  • @ aspirant
    al documents are to be submitted at the time and on the day of interview only. Generally UPSC retains ORA of all the candidates . It wont be a big issue.
  • Ya i know it wont be a big issue... But it is a certainity that upsc asks for the ORA before they forward u the call letter. They will ask the ORA not because they don't have it but to check if u are the right candidate who has cleared the written.
  • UPSC has clearly mentioned in the notification that candidates are required to keep a print out of their ORA.  After the result is out the same is to be submitted to UPSC.  If somebody has lost it I think UPSC will provide the facility for taking the reprint.  

    Friends tension is really mounting on, as the time seems to be nearer now.
  • whY u guYs talked so much about the application print out, how manY daYs given bY UPSC for interview ..these things are secondrY ..first u know ur result ..thn talked on these  topics.......
    i know aap logo ko meri baate buri lag rahi hogi....:D
    pahle result to aane do bhai logo....
  • @ kiran @ aspirant @ pravin @ ashish

    dear bura lagane wali koi baat nahi; we r here to support and help each other. Sometimes a minute thing may become a bottleneck hence in deep discussion z necessary. Everybody is a good person here; i suppose. My prayer to god let everybody on this blog fulfill their dreams and ambitions.
    Airworthiness officer result still not declared.
  • @pagar completely agree with u brother.
    And regarding airworthiness officers results i think some students have actually put a case on the upsc! So there is every chance of that result not coming soon.. So after the result of CDS (II) results are out then we are good to go for apfc results.
  • Hi frnds!ny idea abt cut off ?its really very confusing..
  • 7 days to go as per my previous calculation. Still very anxious about results. This exam is my last hope !
  • @Pagar3p
    Have patience bro. Hard work and knowledge always pays, sooner or later. All the Best to all deserving and hard working candidates. 
    On a different note, things are not clear. Result would certainly be out soon. But as I know, UPSC conducts IES interviews in January last, IFS interviews in February last and Civil Services interviews in the last leg of 3rd week of March. Around 800 candidates might be called for interview.....that means around 10 days required for the APFC interview process. Not impossible but certainly too taxing on UPSC. One could only hope that by February last APFC interviews get over.

    Cut offs ? No one can say with surety. I had ranged up Photon IAS - the institute in Delhi that had called some Regional Provident Fund Commissioner for APFC interview orientation session. They said a score of 65 for the general category. I am no authority on this but still as I have gathered from some sources in Delhi, people quote a safe score of 80 for general. Again, very speculative. Have patience, that's the only way!!! 
  • @Arun thanx a lot Arun sir!
  • don't worry friends, it is very difficult to have patience but we have no other option.  Let your mind be free of all speculations and tensions (I know its almost impossible for all) and think in this way...  "Jo hoga achha hi hoga" or " Jab hoga tab dekha jayega".  
  • I have not written the exam but would just like to mention to you, that UPSC has not yet given out the written results of Engineering Service exam held in June 2012. So I am not sure how the other results are slated to be released and how the interview dates are going to be. This considering that the civil service exams finished 3 weeks earlier than last year, so expecting those results around february. 

    But whenever they are going to release it, there is no use on speculation as it only increases anxiety. We can just wish ourselves All the Best :) 
  • APFC has become ADDITIONAL PATIENCE FOR CANDIDATES and we all have already become such APFC without being declared or recommended by UPSC.  So Congratulations to me and all others as well.........................
  • UPSC declared "part" 2006 CS mains final result. Lolz. When they are going to be "punctual" ?
  • after a detailed survey i found some oddis with EPFO
    1 EPFO union always fighting for regular promotions of APFC
    2 No cadre review since long time
    3 Ministry of finance and govt of Bharat pathetic towards making group A officers in EPFO as organised service.
    4 No IAS+2 benefit to group A officers of EPFO.
    5 No increase in grade pay of 5400 to 6600 after completion of probation of direct recruit APFCs.
    6 No time scale promotions.
  • Although i sincerely hope that apfc results to be out on or before Jan 24th there may be some roadblocks ahead which will be difficult to manoeuvre.

    1. Engineering services 2012 results are to be declared any moment now and their interview schedule may take up 2-3 weeks till atleast Feb 2 nd week.
    2. Soon after that we got Forest Service interviews coming up which goes on for approx 3 weeks and till march 1st week.
    3. Now civil service interviews in the last year started on march 3rd week even though the mains of 2011 ended in November last week and this time also there is every chance of it commencing in march 3 rd week and ending in April last week considering the fact that mains in 2012 was over by October itself.

    So therefore if the results of apfc are not announced by 31st of this month at the latest then just expect it around 3rd week of may - a neat postponement of about 4 months..
  • @pagar: i think those issues which u have listed are worthy of discussing once we join as apfc s.. And also only those who have completely read that cadre review proposal can discuss these issues here. may be they are best discussed when we sit in NATRSS. Otherwise there's little which we can do from the outside. In fact many people don't know that the group A status given to an apfc has not the same status as that of a central govt employee and apfc is also not a gazetted post only reinforces the argument further but it hardly matters at this moment. Be yourself lucky that at least u got to know of all this before joining the job. :-)
  • Any News of result friends? I don't know how long it takes for UPSC to give a result.  They show their superb speed in Civil Services only. Other exams and their results are not important for them it seems.   
  • @ Aspirant:

    I think written result should not be blocked on road. Once they have declared written results, they have a liberty to take interviews at any time and duration. It is not at all compulsory that interviews shall be started after 15 days of declaration of written result. Civil services is a different issue, their documents are checked during mains only and due to pressure by Supreme Court to reduce the cycle of recruitment, UPSC quickly goes through. but for one time exam posts, it is a record of UPSC to conduct interviews after 3 months of date of written result. 
  • yes the result should be declared no matter how long UPSC takes to conduct the interview after the result.  At least things will be clear in mind and tension will disappear for many friends.....
  • @pagar3p please dont give your own ideas of increments and all. Its applicabale to all the PSU employess as well. dont give misleading facts that there are no promotions and all. getting this service itself is so challenging. I hope you understand dont create wrong awareness. you should be positive that after you join things may change for a better tomorrow. anyways results will be out anytime in this month. i hope you clear and get the offer if you really like this profile else it should go to other deserving and needy candidate. :) All the best 
  • @Padmavathi

    u seem to be new on this blog ! Would u take some efforts to go to and read all my posts with name TERMINATOR and PAGAR3P. Then go on very first page of this new blog and read all my posts till this one. Better before making any allegations, and giving any advices, form an opinion about me. Dnt be in so hurry sweet heart. Please do this ! (also find that somewhere i have warned somebody to stay away frm me)