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expected cutoff for civil services prelims exam 2013
  • Abhi toh @anirban11989 bhai keh rahe the unka 225 pe bhi clear nai hua aur idhar woh 221 -222 cut off bata rahe hain?? :O
    Bhai logo stop spreading rumors
  • @ Ramanna:yes its hard to get 170+ in p2..but dere few hardy boys too.. :)
  • @ Ramanna i might have overcalculated my score. in fact answer key provided by various coaching centres are not 100% authentic. but the range is 221 to 222. people getting 230+ shld not waste time and start preparing. best of lk to all
  • Cutoff is 206 , I was told from my friend in rajinder nagar , his dad works in upsc itself
  • @ramanna....i dont know about result or cut off...but one thing is for sure...i have talked to farid sir myself...he is very friendly person...believe it or not...i even asked him how he felt while appearing for civil exams...he told that it had been 20 years since he entered...there was not this much competetion..he said, but it is not work hard..
    I really felt great after talking to him...hats off...
  • @ramanna...and i called farid sir again...but some lady picked up...she categorically told me that cut off can be can surely try...get his number from upsc directory..
  • If this is the cut off..then i m surely i m scoring 200-203 in obc category...
  • @kiranrehal bhai 220 cutoff for general??

  • @Kiranrehal: are itna mat tensed ho yaar. UPSC me aapne phone kiya aur un lady ne aapko bata bhi diya ki cut off 220 he........yaar ese toh kal koi bhi aadmi uthke phone karega UPSC ki madam batao to zara kitne ke aaspas he cut off?......DO you think esa ho sakta he? THIS IS THE INDIA 'S MOST PRESTIGIOUS EXAM, remember this, and koi state board ki exam nahi he ki log waha pe apne parichito ke maadhyam se cut off jaan rahe he, last year bhi yehi sab hua tha yaar, naa jane kis kis ke kon kon se rishtedaar UPSC me achanak se posted ho jaate he aur unko cut off mil jata he , last year bhi jin logo ne phone kiya tha aur jinke rishtedaar waha pe naukari karte the , unke dwaara bataya gaya cutt off tha 227, aur gaya kitna 209........islye pls pls pls pls ........mat ghabraao yaar .
  • @sudeep...i wish that the lady comes out to be wrong...i dont knw who she was.. may be that she just said to avoid another question from my side...
  • @abhivast .. be true i asked her if there will be any sectional cut off...i think she could not hear me properly and said...220 tak ho sakta hai....
  • @kiranrehal-
    Madamji tussi tension na lo, upsc lady ne speculate kiya hoga, goodluck for results :)
    Obc ka 200 above jane wala nai hai!
  • Paper 1 : 45-50
    Paper 2: 155-160

    Obc category?
    Borderline case, won't u agree?
  • My prediction is that increase in cutoff will be 10 marks (+-5)
    And folks please don't believe in rumours, whatever the source maybe, as the system of upsc is 100% secure.
  • result will be out tomorrow( 99%) . cut off general 222( 100%). and diablo are u talking 206 of obc??? that cant be of general
  • @Ramanna....thank u g and same to u
  • Seems today might be the D DAY..and thank god the trash-talks will finally be over...its so contradicting by reading above comments about getting information from UPSC that i think no one is having the authentic and consistent info. and why should anyone have such will be clear only after results are just does not matter who say what....
  • hi
    can anybody explain me how to calculate prelims marks after negative marking?
    Suppose i have attemped 74 questions out of 8o questions and i am getting 10 wrong..

    then how much will i be able to score?
  • karma has many curves , however good u may score.......its is the just and one final PDF of upsc which will clear the clouds. .....
  • @ baba_bhokali

    jo banda yahan bethkar sirf bakwas kar sakta h wo to kuch bhi kar pane layak nahi...
    n first off all ye blog tha important discusions k liye na ki ase logon ki faltu bakwas sunne k liye...
    wakai mein tum baba hi ho sakte ho...sadbuddhi ki jrurat to tumhe h..
    its just calculation for confirmation....if u cant answer then better leave it off...
    anyquestion from anybody is not for such sick people...
  • I am least bothered about cut off.. All i want is RESULTS. and when are they gonna be out???!
  • i dunno wts the cut off going to be...but one thing is sure that is the answer key released by coaching institutes and upsc has a difference of atleast 10 to 20 brother appeared last year and according to coaching institutes answer key he was scoring between 204 to 212...but when upsc made public the answer key for prelims he scored theres difference for even if someone is scoring 230 according to a coaching institutes answer key he might be getting either 210-220 according to upsc answer key or may be higher or no point speculating....last wt i have heard abt cut off is between 215-220
  • @sumit37 -
    Bro, upsc deducts 1/3 marks for each wrong question. So in paper 2 u have 10 questions wrong so that wud make it 2.5x10x1/3=8.33
    So, 8.3 marks wud be deducted from ur total score. Since u answered 64 questions correctly , u will have a score of 160 out of which 8.33 wud be deducted. So that makes a final score of 151.6 marks :)
  • One more thing.... Many people still forget to deduct their negative score.... And ,There Also a few who even forget that they have to deduct 1/3 marks not for no. Of incorrect responses . But to marks assigned to each answer.
    Hence the inflated scores ;)
    I have seen ppl deducting only 1/4 marks too. :P
  • @ Ramanna
    Thanks brother!!!
    I appreciate your satisfactory explanation..
  • 206 is the cutoff for general category dipanjan, result will come in august i dont know the date.
  • @ diablo i have come to know from a very genuine friend that it is 222 for general. the list is already prepared. are u sure that 206 is not for obc but general?. infact i am just missing out if its 222. i am surely in if its 206. thats why i am asking?
  • .................................................................................................result.....................kab ayega?
  • check the website between 430 and 5
  • it is 5 now...there is no news of the results....coming today? it true that upsc does not give out the results on sat n sun ?
  • DUDE, main exam starts only december 1st we have so much time ,(and upsc too)dont worry just pray for a good result..and if you want some fun just read the above comments...
  • finally its a good day for majority...
  • i think whatever we discuss our destiny is lets hope for the best.although i didnt prepard much,iam hovering smewere around 205...,with the ambitions to become a civil servant sme day.,cmng nights.. seems to be sleepless..basically iam only bothered abt forest services...what wud be cut offs for ifs ...?
  • @ baba bhokali your sense of humour is refreshing the tensed environment. thanks . are u a candidate too?
  • One things sure @bababhokali
    - he is an entertainer and his writng skill is excellent. Way to go dude... Mains wudnt be a tough job for u... U'll keep the examiners eyes glued to ur paper.... Thats ur charm ;)
  • No more speculation regarding cut offf.....??
    Looks like everybody is been bitten by bug of uncertainity.... What about hardy boys scoring 250+ ........ Wats the spooky silence about guys?
  • cut off is 222. list is already prepared. the guy who has given the info has seen the marks of the last general candidate in the sorted list. today it was not out due to some procedural delay. perhaps next week. but general cut off is 222
  • Dipanjan, who is that guy, who has seen all these things. are u sure that the cut off is 222.. what about then obc cut off...
  • he works in upsc. i directly dont know him or his designation. and my friend has not asked him about obc cut off( actually so many things cant be asked) . generally obc cut off is 10- 15 marks less than that of general. so if u are getting 215 then i think its sufficient.
  • My all learned member of this forum, could anyone tell me what could be the cut off for STs?
  • Abhi toh @dipanjan bhai @diablo bhai se cut off confirm kar rahe the ki cut off 206 jayega kya..... Then suddenly he declares the cut off 222 which he is doing since july 17.... :O
  • @ Baba_bhokali...what are u doing man....turning this forum into a trash...if u are really an aspirant that to a 3rd timer then i think you should better rethink about your option.....may be u are right , u should really go for PRAWACHAN ...because this is what will suit u......
  • baba you are the only pandit in this thread.....we all are nothing.....we are better off quiet when this baba is full-on with his I said earlier too baba bhokali is prelims topper scoring 450 marks and joining Indian Tantric Services that's why he is enjoying here and we are in the grey and black zones.......lets c if u remember ur sense of humour mantra...........on this :)
  • the drop in cutoff to 206 is due to the decrease in number of candidates appearing this year for prelims. i dont know about obc cutoff, it might be around 194 or something.
  • Bhai aur koi hai jisne UPSC ko call kiya ho ya jiska koi ristedar chacha ya mama UPSC me job kar raha ho .... Saturday hai aj ana chahiye nai aya to ek hafte aur waste ho jayenge
  • @ramanna i know its 222. and i am probably just getting out. thats why my weak mind was asking is it 206? infact i know its not. its 222 only.uparwale mere upar itne meherban nahi hue. in jan this year i appeared in the state pcs interview and came back with " khali haat"
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