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IAS Preparation
  • as i m a housewife, how to start my preparation, i m so confuse, i have 20 months old daughter also.
  • has tips on mind-set, book lists and sources for preparation. Any specific query will be answered here :)

    Great on preparing while having a young daughter. Totally inspiring. All the best!
  • hi i'm also a housewife, had dreams of becoming an ias officer :) but couldn't do at that time... now i want to start preparation. but don't no what and how to start. please some one who can help on this.....replay me
  • @Vinurathish.... for most of us the starting was the below link

    and rest as you proceed the queries can be solved here.... Welcome to the journey..... All the best!!! :)
  • @Nik ... Thanks a lot... sure will do so... even i'm into the race of ias now... hope will succeed. THANKS AGAIN.
  • I think u shud decide ur optional first...I`m a newbie too n I left my job back a month ago to prepare for it...n this website has proved very inspiring in this one month period.
  • thanks all of u
  • Friends, I will be going for my first attempt in 2015. I graduated this year only from Commerce & will be taking Public Admn in Civil Service Examination. My question is, should I take coaching now or should I go for it later? I have no prior knowledge of Public Admn but I have been reading The Hindu regularly for past 2 years & am totally updated with the current affairs. Help please.
  • anybody interested in grp study in gurgaon sec 14 please contact me.. ankit jain .. 9999045052
  • Hello friends,
    This is a great thread to keep oneself motivated throughout the rigorous preparation.

    Little Info about me

    Graduated in May 2013, joined Vajiram for GS in June
    Optional- Mathematics

    Have been keeping up with the classes and regular reading of newspapers since June. But I feel time has come to shift the gears and become little more sincere and consistent. So, would be very happy to discuss and share opinions on various issues/subjects.
    It would be nice if everyone can update whatever part of syllabus one has been reading or finished.

    Starting with me, apart from classes I have somewhat finished reading
    1. Indian History and World History primarily from coaching notes-materials and basic books like Bipin Chandra.
    2. And a preliminary reading of Laxmikanth and Sriram material.

    Firstly, I am just not able to read Yojana and Kurukshetra find them quite boring. Have just marked the articles, which might be useful at a later stage. Secondly, another thing which is bothering me is self made notes from newspapers. I have just not been able to maintain any notes as they then consume lot of time, I just cut and keep few important articles. Thirdly, as far as economy is concerned I find Ramesh Singh too vast to read, am more dependent on classes and regular revision of class notes.

    I think I have written a lot. Would be very happy to see some suggestions or ways to improve.
    And yeah, a very happy and a prosperous diwali to everyone.