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preparing geography
  • how to start preparation for geography (prelims and general studies)? plz anyone help me
  • Read mrunal articles for approaching subjects. N why not aimin 2014? What is ur optional?
    Mine is geography aiming 2014.
  • mine is in btech 3rd aiming many hours minimun u r studying???
  • Rohit_29, r u done with geography.... I m also thinking of taking geogo as optional.... Plzz guide me how u prepared for that..... Any coaching or self study ??
  • @priya :its gud that u r starting early. Abt studying hrs, Its not fixed but around 5hours daily.btw it doesnt matter how many hrs u study, all that matters is what u have learned at the end of the day. Make evryday effrt count. All the best....whats ur branch?
  • @ritu I started 2 months over with strategy making phase nd doing gs first...then only I will switch to geo.
    Abt strategy: its like indian constitution. Taken ideas frm everywhere nd finally doing what is best in my view.
    Im have not joined any coaching.
    Btw whats ur background nd are u giving other exams too as a backup?
  • @rohit_29 I m computer engineer,left job for upsc,m only having 2 attempts that's why want to give my 100%.
  • Gud anything started yet? Why u decided so late to go fr 2014 ?
  • I was thinking of it from long back.... But that time no proper guidance ..nothing ;I am done with G.S(prelims) syllabus...... I am late?
  • my optional is geo, started recently by self prep , could anyone help regarding books , i hav taken savindra for phy geo, khullar for india , i want book for human geo? as im from hyd, let share abt geo concepts here , if v hav doubts
  • @ritu : u have already covered prelims section then that means u are doing fine as u have more than just 9 months (mains are later).

    @Bobby : i think it will be a gud idea to follow a common thread fr geo
  • @rohitj_29 mine is systemscience.
  • @priya1 : i didn't get the point of telling that to me as i have know knowledge of that subject..
  • @rohith_29 it is my branch..u asked me na
  • OK sorry i forgot.. Good howz ur preparation going??
  • @Bobby for economic geography I am referring rupa publication economic geography and for human ,I read new ncert.
  • thnq @ ritu for suggesting human geo books , wat abt majid hussian for human ?, r u practising answers for mains questions? can v share our answers , so dat v can find mistakes n can improve answers
  • @rohith_29 iam unable to understand what am the end of the day iam feeling lik i dont know anything
  • I am going for 2015 attempt...doing p.g in geography ri8 nw...geo is a vast subject and +point of this subject is the basis of reasoning in its read, re-read, think, analyse, relate and most importantly periodic revision is a must for any subject... Gud luck to every1... :)
  • @priya : that happens with everyone. That is why stress is given on notemaking n revision. Just allot a time fr revision too n u will not even know when became pro in that subject. Never get demoralised. All the best :)
  • @ayush : why nt 2014?
  • @rohith_29 :ya thank u... n how is your preparation going on??
  • due to my age factor, i'll be eligible in 2015.. @rohit_29
  • @ayush12 you are doing p.g ryt?
  • @ayush12 : then why there is a problem of age???
  • dec. u can calculate it
  • @ayush12 : then how you are doing P.G??? normally 1993 means it will be like 4th yr btech na
  • i m a humanities graduate,i.e, B.A, which is of 3 years...not 4...and this year i got graduated...
  • oh cool..then u r preparing for 2015 ryt?
  • yes...ri8... But the mode of preparation ri8 nw is nt dat intense :p
  • oh ...are u going to coaching classes ?
  • no..not now..
  • no..not now..
  • i completed climatology within 6days, now i enterd into oceanography, now i will start with paper 2 also along with paper 1 , wow super subject , while reading , knowing concepts , making me more analytically into da subject, n i could able to increase my study hours in day without stress r bore.............. simultaneously preparing for GS papers toooo,

    guys anyone started GS paper : ETHICS N INTEGRITY?? , as of now for dis paper , i started meditation, yoga n reading some vivekananada books ..... dont ask me y r u doing dis for dis paper?? later i will post y im doing....

    al da best guys......
  • @Bobby: which book for climatology and please do mention other books of geography and ethics too (the ones u r referring).
    @Priya: sorry fr my late reply. Preparation is going quiet good these days. Idk but i feel energetic and focussed. How about u??
  • *and by quiet i meant quite.
  • @rohit : i read savindra sing , it is enough to know da concepts , along with dis , v need to study da contemporary issues related to climatology , while writing answers it is better to write dese contemp issues as examples ......,,, for EHICS paper, im reading IGNOU pub AD material for ethics concept n other book is :" how to develop positive thinking"
  • guys anyone of u applied for CSAT 2013 prelims marks from RTI????? i applied but they replied me dat v cannot declare marks at this stage ....
  • @rohith_29 : am not studying these days.. i was busy wid projects, end sem
  • my preparation schedule: 2014 ---------- jan --- optional(GEO) syallabus will b covered along with GS papers
    feb--- 1st revsion for optional + will continue GS papers syallabus
    march-- - do same -
    april --- - do same -
    may --- -do same-
    june - july - aug = PRELIMS preparation
    sep -oct- nov = 2nd time revision of all syallabus

    al da best guys , maintain consistent preparation n hav a patience..........
  • @Bobby you are only referring these books .... Not any other material of any institute.....climatology a separate book of savindra Singh or from physical geography by savindra Singh...... For mapping what are you referring?? I am doing from majid Husain and k sidhartha
  • @ Arunika , i read climatology from phy GEO by savindra , for mapping , first im concentrating on current issues of places in newspaper , like contraversial proects meja, karchanna power projects hav discussed in HINDU EDItorial recently , n 2nd one is on historical n cultural related places .......finally , for paper 1(sec A) --- phy GEO by savindra,
    for paper 2 --- khullar
    for paper 1(sec B) ----- majid hussian .
    arunika , at present how much syalabus u hav covered n what materials ur following for environmental geo?
  • @bobby for environmental geography one book is there by savindra is very vast but if u did it very well,I am sure you will not miss a single question of environmental

    Hey one more thing.please tell me how you are practicing for mapping section,how you are checking that you are marking it accurate, you are practicing on maps or just seeing on atlas and marking there?
  • @bobby plz help me in one more thing,I am lacking in making notes,how to make notes?we have to jott down everything
  • @arunika : thanx arunika for giving info for environmental geo, for mapping , im making notes for contraversial places from newspapers with 3-4 important points . i divided my notes for mapping into 28 districts , writing points related to a place in dat district page,. in mains exam examiner will provide india map for mapping , so if u know da place in which district , den point out der , den write points on dat place in answer booklet... in dis way im making notes for mapping .

    for TOTAL GEO syallabus, notes making,: now im doing first reading of entire syallabus, not making any notes ,but im making diagrams on each topic to precise info as much as short. by 2nd time reading (revision), i will make notes on dat but as of now im trying to understand n anaylsing concepts .
  • @bobby districts or states
  • @arunika ,: sorry , it is states :)
  • my gmail id : [email protected]
  • anyone read "SALT BUDGET " from oceanography chapter ????? if anyone read, plz explain me ??
  • rohith_29 do u have old ncert history ebooks??