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Interview discussion for UPSC Civil service 2013
  • Hey all, This forum is for all who can contribute the questions from current affairs and state specific questions for civil service interview. This will act as a repository for questions even for hobbies also.
  • Energy security and environmental issues do not compliment each. Do you agree with it or not ?
  • Yes. Unfortunately the current majority of energy demands are being met by non renewable measures. But if there should be any energy SECURITY then the way forward would be to non renewable and sustainable energy which is not complimentary to each other. 

    My question related to south India. Why are there so many problems in river sharing between southern states whereas the major flowing Himalayan river states do not have such problems??
  • Rivers in the south are of old origin and are in their mature stage. The water table of these rivers are significantly down as compare to North Rivers which are in their young stage. Moreover they are fed by glaciers and hence have water availability in abundance for most of the year
  • i suggest everyone who wishes to participate, include their brief profile. Then it'd be easier to frame and discuss follow-questions with each other.
    1. Grad:
    2. Location:
    3. Work-ex (if any):
    4. hobby/Extra-curri:

    for example, from yesterday's Indian Express (December-26-2012), I noticed a few topics for Location based interview Qs.

    1. Food security law of Chhattisgarh: features, limitations
    2. Jats get OBC recommendation from Backward Commission (Haryana)
    3. Osmania teachers -student protest (Andhra)
    4. Bihar police giving free coaching to students in Maoist areas, for ITBP, CRPF jobs.
  • 1. Grad: B.Sc (Maths, Chemistry, Computer Science)
    2. Location: Uttar Pradesh

  • Optionals : Electrical and Geography.
  • grd: B.Tech from NIT Trichy
    working in NTPC Ltd.
    location- farakka(W.B)... NOTE- FARAKKA BARRAGE, water release to bangladesh thr it.
  • Grad: Btech in Electronics(IIITDM,Kancheepuram) 
    Work ex: Nil (2012 passout)


    Forgot to mention earlier. My optionals are: Public Administration and Electrical Engineering
  • I see people here above who are engineers like me. 
    Question (And this even not be answered here but very important) : 1. Why after studying in government institutions (Mtech in IIT Bombay, NIT Trichy,IIITDM-myself) do you want to move away from engineering profession. Government has invested so much and you end up in some other job?? 
    2. Half of engineers from IIT end up going abroad nd even the some of you want to enter civil service, where will India go for highly skilled engineers? 
  • because engineers are produced in lakhs evry year but only few hundreds make it to civil services continue with their engineering or medicine and reach to top or ceo in many companies with their calibre...moreover there is nothing wrong in getting sharp mind of iit iim ppl to administer our nation governance and policy
  • @Shivaram,
    1. When we get injured, bleeding stops after some minutes because of blood clotting. Why that doesn't happen incase of Blood donation?
    2. What do you know about the regulatory framework related Blood banks?

    @Deep43417 (should have kept username just Deep!)
    1. Is Gandhinagar's sector system more efficient or should the cities be allowed to grow naturally like Ahmedabad? What are the pros and cons of each?
    2. Geographical factors that have played part in Gujarat's Development.

    1. In the backdrop of Haldiya Labour unrest, is WB a "no place for investment?"
    2. Impact of Fuel Sharing agreements on NTPC?

  • @Shivaram

    I think instead thinking of engineering or graduation background of the aspirants we should concentrate on Civil services preparation. If we go by your rule then only person with Political and International relations will be foreign secretary, and Dr.Manmohan singh will be finance minister always...he he he he...what a joke.  Education creates knowledge base and know how of the person. If I m not wrong now a days MBA grad are also contesting for the post of sarpanch (eg. Female sarpanch in Rajasthan, she was in news before one year or so). The civil service name itself says that you are serving public and community in instead of personal growth (in terms of package and perks). The satisfaction we get by serving poor cant be expressed. I think so we should stop discussing all these topics, so that all these efforts of Mrunal shall not go in vain. Hence we should do only " kaam ki baat (which is civil service preparation) and other fundas should be left to FB "......
    1. Grad: Electronics & Communication Engg from VITU, Vellore, 2008; Master in International Business, GGSB, France -2010 
    2. Location: Now in Mumbai
    3. Work-ex (if any): Intern as Business Analyst, XRCE (Xerox Research Center Europe)-2010, PO in SBI-2012 (resigned)
    4. hobby/Extra-curri: Diary Writing, People Watching
    My interview strategy:

    The Expected
    • I'm reloading my fundas on econ + International Business + diplomacy (Mrunal is totally awesome in these)
    • An eyebrow raising hobbies could drag my interview for long..... 
    • Recent assignments in SBI and other banking related stuff 
    • Something abt Xerox...spin-offs, multifunctional printers, its research etc
    • GS - ofcourse
    The Unexpected

    • Only God can help us - so pray everyday :)
  • Basic questions: 
    • Why Engg to MIB?
    • Why France?
    • What the hell made you to work for SBI? (Framing an answer without any gaseous elements like "wanted to serve the poor" is imp here)
    • Why not IPS? (My preference- IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS
    I'm still trying to frame a convincing answer to these Qs... 
  • an icing on the cake: I'm from telangana region, so a drilling deeper than RIL in KG basin expected there.. 
  • Hey Mrunal,
    When we donate blood we constantly create pressure by pressing the hand with a softball or any just press/release of a fist. So there is no stoppage of blood which does not lead to clot. After donation, we keep our arms folded with a bandage which stops the blood for sometime at which point of time the blood clotting mechanism steps in. 

    And about the regulatory framework, I just know that one cannot be a professional blood donor. Means one cant do it for money and like a business. Apart from that I dont have any idea. 

    Questions are definitely asked related to one's profile and background. These are not the factual questions like the ones asked in mains maybe but the relation to studies and how it will leverage/go-against civil service has been asked. I sure do get your point that one cannot be limited to one's education. That is also a valid answer. 

    My answer would be that most of the people who go abroad nowadays are going for higher education and plan on coming back to India after their education. They have been advised on the ill effects of brain drain to the country. Thus the talent pool though lost momentarily is back soon. Also taking the answers from my friends, one can leverage an engineering education to solve challenging problems in administration. 
    1. Grad: B.E.,Mechanical Engineering
    2. Location:Coimbatore,Tamilnadu
    3. Work-ex (if any): ONGC Cauvery asset (5yrs),NALCO,odisha(1yr), CTS
    4. hobby/Extra-curri: Trekking,Outdoor recreation biking 
    Hi everyone,
    This is Ganesh nagarajan from coimbatore
  • Dear Mrunal,

    I truly have missed u for CSM 12.
    Please help me with interview preps.

  • I think the webserver
     clock is mistimed
  • @Ganesh: For people with work experience, the questions are generally asked from their experience. 
    1. Try to analyze how you have benefited from one of your work experience and how it will help you in your civil service career. 
    2. What are the safety precautions you take when you go for trekking?
    3. Trekking and other activities lead to garbage and environment degradation. What have you seen/done/plan to do? 
    4. Why is there power crisis in Tamil Nadu? 

  • Graduated from NIT , JAIPUR in metallurgical and materials engineering in 2011 ( gold medalist)
    appeared for mains this year.

    optionals: geography and public administration
    location- JAIPUR
    pursued internship from germany and represented India in world youth camp, london 2010

    Hobbies-Internet surfing, a national football player ( represented rajasthan in women nationals 2011), college basketball team captain, athletics etc

    work ex- selected in SBI, SBI associates, SSC 2011 but not joined , selected for RBI grade b upto interview but could not clear interview.

    I am a regular reader of mrunal articles..have almost read all the articles in past 1 year. its an awsome platform.
    Sir please suggest me some questions regarding interview.
  • Hi All,
             This is Sasidharan Kumar from Chennai. 

    Graduation: BTech(Information Technology) from MIT Chennai
    Location: Chennai
    Work Exp: CTS(3yrs)
    Hobbies: Reading Novels, Strategic Gaming,Watching Cricket
  • Easing of the rules on mergers in Public Sector Banks will reduce the competition in Indian banking sector by reducing the number of competitors. Don't you think?
    Validity of Sachin's nomination as Rajya Sabha MP under Article 80
  • @Shivram
    There are many aspects of my past service which would help me in civil service career,
    I was involved in direct people contact in some IR problems.
    My job demands me to be more mobile
    I have administered as shift I/C irrespective of union dynamics
    I ve always been focussed to find innovative solutions to the technical problems and so on..

    I used to take map and compass
    along with salt choclates and little meat to survive if it is a long journey
    I l carry along with me a fire torch and small axe to survive the animals
    Energy supplements such as glucose drinks
    shocks and woolen cloth to keep myself warm enough during nights and campfire requistes
    and a trekkin pole if it s really a steep one

    One can plan trekking for less disposal of wastes.
    I l try to carry no plastics
    I ve not done anything except self discipline
    I woul use cloth bags and minimize wastages.

  • @Bhumika:
    1. What is the recent controversy over the Sports Code? Tell some of its provisions.
    2. Which state side has been the most successful in women's football for the past 2 decades?
    3. How has the women's team fared in the international scene compared to men's team in football?
    4. You have a gold medal in metallurgy, but you have been successful in bank exams and now you are applying for civil service. Dont you think your career path is not set straight? 
    5. What do you generally surf for in the internet? 

    If you can give some answers then I can ask some future questions. Let Mrunal or someone else be the judge of how good the answer is. :) 
    You are welcome to ask me as well. 
  • The Tamil Nadu government had not strengthened enough the grid .In the year 2012-13, due to the failure of South-West monsoon the State is facing acute shortage of power.Over dependence of wind power with 6000MW. 
                                                                                       Total Installed Capacity:                    10500MW.
    THERMAL-3000MW-- have shutdowns
    GAS-500MW   - 1/4th always under shutdown
    CAPTIVE POWER-1000mw- no grid contibutuion
    WIND/SOLAR-5800mw - totally unreliable
    cENTRAL sECTOR pURCHASES- 3200mw - supply side constraint
    pvt SECTOR - 1200mW
    Demand =10700MW..

    State failed to urge the commissioning of  new plants which could have provided the state with an additional 1,950 MW by June, and by October, another 600 MW.Kudankulam would have provided at least 500 MW, if not all its 1000 MW, had it not been delayed this long.  Five thermal stations, two run by the state and the other by the Centre, which together account for about 1200 MW were under repairs.The state has to find large amounts of money for its planned capacity addition of 6000 MW between 2012 and 2017.
  • @Ganesh

    Thanks a lot for the info. Tamil Nadu has the highest wind power installed capacity but due to its unreliable nature not able to reap benefits. 

  • Total Installled capcity including latest 1000Mw addition in wind and Purchases is 18350MW
    out of which PVT=8500MW(all the Non renewable energy from Pvt Sector) Regulation????
  • Dear Sir, 

    My Profile:

    Academics: B.Sc. (Biotechnology), MBA (Finance & Banking)

    Location: Ludhiana Punjab

    Work: Credit Analyst, Bank of Baroda

    Hobbies: Blogging, Reading Books, Collage Making

    I request you to post expected interview questions.
  • @shivaram

    1. What is the use of Anti coagulants in Blood donation?
    2. issue of HIV infection after blood transfusion. CBI handling some cases in Gujarat. What steps are necessary to prevent recurrence of such incidents?


    1. What do you know about Romulus Whitaker?
    2. What is your take on Niyamgiri bauxite mining Controversy?
    3. Odisha is a naxal affected state while Tamilnadu is not. Why?


    1. Difference between Soccer and Rugby
    2. Issue of reservation controversy Gujjars vs Meena.
    3. Jaipur literature festival. Secularism vs maintenance of public order. which should take priority?


    1. Are you aware of any E-governance projects of Tamilnadu?
    2. If you are made the municipal Commissioner of Chennai, what new E-gov projects would you initiate?


    1. Why change of profession from Biotech to Banking and Finance?
    2. Suggest the steps to curb the menace of Narcotic drugs in Punjab.
  • 1. The anti-coagulants are used in the blood bag which is used to avoid clotting of blood in the bag. The bag is laid on a machine which constantly mixes the bag with the coagulants. 
    2. The problem is the blood donation camps generally take the word of the donor into the confirmation of diseases like HIV or even like minor ailments or being under the administration of any allergy drugs,etc. When having a public donation camp it should be properly checked that they have any disease. This is time and money consuming for many due to which they avoid it. In places like colleges maybe a compromise can be done counselling the donor properly before the donation.

    Since I am from Chennai, I will write my answers for other questions also related to it. 
    3.Romulus Whitaker is the founder of the famous Madras Crocodile Bank. He is an environment conservationist and has done a lot of conservation work. He helped establish the Guindy National Park, The Snake Park also.
    4.Regarding the bauxite mining controversy, the ex-collector Mr.Sagayam has brought out a scandal involving the local politicians and mafia for exploiting the natural resources. An impartial investigation which doesnt get hindered due to the heavy political involvement would bring the perpetrators to justice. 
    5. Naxalism, when it started to show its head in Tamil Nadu in the late 80s and early 90s was specifically targetted and looked into by the state administration and police, due to which it was possible to root out the weed in its early stages. 
  • I am posting the only thing left from my summary sheet, the posts of authority/responsibility from school/college. 
  • Some of the e-governance projects in TN that I am aware of
    1) online grievance redressal mechanism.
    2) digitised land records.
    3) free downloadable text books upto std XII.
    4) Online employment registration.

    As for being made the municipal commissioner of chennai part I would really like to initiate the digitisation in two fields

    1) Digitisation of solid waste procurement and disposal system. Currently the system lacks effective tracking and supervisory framework which ultimately leads to severe lacuna within the system. Building an effective tracking framework and increasing the manpower would go a long way in achieving a cleaner chennai.

    2)Currently the chennai corp offers  variety of health services covering different age segments. Digitisation of patient records and their medical conditions in a central database would help in effective tracking of patients condition.A tracking mechanism such as this would also compliment union government initiatives like RNTCP, national antimicrobial resistance policy etc which requires the track record of the patients.
  • @Shivaram

    Hi Shivaram,
    Correct me if am wrong. Sagayam was certainly instrumental in exposing the granite mining controversy in Madurai. Was he involved in exposing the niyamgiri bauxite mining controversy as well or For any other bauxite mining controversy as a fact.
  • Thanks for the correction. I was wrong. I checked right now and Sagayam is related to granite scam only. My bad! Overdose of scams these days I guess. :) 
  • You are welcome mate. "overdose of scams these days" - that thing is for certain. :)
  • @Mrunal   (I dono the first one...just learnt... pls help me in REPLINISHING MY ANSWERS

    1.Romulus whitaker - a ENVIRONMENT CONSERVATIONIST and a HERPOTOLOGIST(dealing with herps(amphibians))
    He built the madras snake park and crocodile bank in mahaballipuram,,,,
    He trekked palani hills in his early days which made him interested in env.

    2.Niyamigiri bauxite mining controversy is between Vedanta,Orissa Mining Corp and the Centre

    Mr.N.Patnaik too favors the project rather Lobbying heavily.
    Vedanta (Sterlite as knwn in india) has a history of controversies

    I would say the project should only be given green signal only after the following are taken care of:

    No violation of Env Protection Act72 and Forest Act80.
    Environment Impct Assessment to be made public
    Livelihood issues of Land displaced people shud b taken care of.
    Sustainabilty Policy and Env. policy of Vedanta shud b scutinised
    Redmud pond issue of the aluminum sxtraction facility in Lanchugurha should be audited.

    The various reasons :

    Geographically 1/4th of Odisha population lives in forest ranges and Hilly areas.

    Odisha has more ST population(23%) and TN just(!%)

    No. of ppl living in rural area in odisha is 72% as compared to TN's 50%..  Hence the development issues of both states are entirely different.

    The issue of KBK and more Schedule V areas say with  15 district Odisha tops the naxal affected area list.

    The various social indicators reveals TN is far better state in terms of true development apart from the fact that TN GDP growth is 9.5% compared to Odishas 6%

    Though TN is short of minerals the Governance factor and effective and active Panchayat System in place in the state leds to inclusive development.
    Due to huge resources the problem of env. degradation and resulting livelihood issues continue to affect Odisha in Inclusive growth.
    Gap in implementation such as Distribution Participation and reservation also plays a role.
    The no. of MSME in TN is its major backbone as it excels both in goods and services,Where odisha lacks in MSME.'
    Resource Utilisation  has just now startied improving in Odisha .
    Disparities in Infrastructure being a major setback .Infra such as Edu,Health ,Sanitation and Drinking Water ar more well established in the state of TN than Odisha

  • I invite Shivaram to do some value addition to my reply
  • Mechanical engineer,wrk xp-2 yrs,in state electricity board,generation sector,uttar pradesh,subject-pub ad,hindi lit.
  • Actually, I spoke with one official who worked in police and retired. He said that naxalism mushroomed when MGR was CM. So, they took some measures. That is why I told the above reason.  It included police action+development action.

    As you have said is by development in various sectors. TN has emerged as the second best growing in industries after Gujarat. Also the Panchayat, Municipality have been functioning at least in a satisfactory way. The social indicators in the state is also high which shows that people are having a balanced growth. 

    The thing about ST population is that TN has about 80% OBC population(this was the basis for the 69% reservation in education). So the backwardness is present though in terms of the "caste". 
    I have this doubt though about quoting urban population. Chennai has cities like Chennai,Coimbatore,Madurai and all so we can say majorly we dont have rural populatio. But, AP has big cities like Hyderabad,Vizag and all. But still the state has naxalism. I think it is concentrated non-development which is the main problem. I am not sure about the numbers though which could support my argument.
  • how about these angles:
    -> TN is free from naxal menace because it is not a mineral rich state (unlike  Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha). Because illegal mining and the subsequent ransom provides the much needed financial support to the rebels. 
    But then again it can be countered: 
    1.Karnataka, Rajasthan also a mineral rich state without this problem.
    2.And if money was the reason, there is potential for illegal chopping of Sandalwood like Veerappan did.

    another one:
    ->TN is free from naxal menace because historically it was not under the Zamindaari revenue system and the resultant underdevelopment and exploitation.
  • @Archana
    1. (given Public Administration): where were the flaws in NHRM policy that lead to the unprecedented scam in Uttar Pradesh?
    @Shivaram, Ganesh, Sasidharan_54
    1. Factors responsible for growth of automobile industry in TN?
    2. What new initiatives necessary to attract more investment in TN (given that nowadays all the big states are offering attractive tax-sops and deals to foreign companies).
    3. (followup) Do you think this competition between Big states offering more and more incentives to bring investment, will work against the spirit of Cooperative-Federalism in long run?
  • I think the reason for naxalism or the absence of it is combination of under-development + mostly in the tribal areas + mineral rich places + started out in the least developed state of the country(remember the 3 new state were formed to give better development to these areas). Also the tribals have been histrorically up in arms when they have been confronted in British era also.

    So the development + employment + closeness to industrial hubs (like Chennai,Coimbatore),etc are the reasons I believe. The closeness to industrial hubs can be found in Maharashtra also. This is because the traces of Naxalism are found only at the borders of Maharashtra and in the interiors. 

    I am sure the British were not benevolent in administering the ryotwari system too. :) Also mineral mafia is present in Karnataka(as seen by the Yediyurappa scam, in Goa mining scam, TN granite scam). But the difference has been they have been done by the politicians and not like the African diamonds like mafia, which support their rebels, similar to the Naxalite area.

    1. I feel the factors for the growth of automobile industry in TN are 
    • The sops given by the government.
    • Closeness to Japanese investors who form the backbone of the automobile industry(Suzuki,Hyundai,Honda,etc). TN has 344 Japanese companies which is the largest among all states.  Not only Japan even South Korea. Recently the Korean Woori Bank opened its first branch in India in Chennai because of the large investments made in the Chennai region by the Korean companies.
    • The Bangalore-Hosur-Chennai industrial hub(also known as the Chennai Bangalore Industrial Corridor,CBIC), where land acquisition has been made easy and closeness to a metropolitan city like Chennai/Bangalore.(This I feel is very important reason. Hosur is in TN I should remind you, but it is only about 1/2-1 hour away from Bangalore). Another reason why Japan is interested in developing this industrial corridor alongiwith the Mumbai-Delhi corridor. 
    • Access to good Human resource. The number of engineering colleges in TN has been increasing by the year. Though the quality is of concern, the good colleges do produce good engineers. TN has the largest number of engineering colleges followed by AP, so relocation does not cost much.
    New initiatives: 
    • Getting in line and putting the CBIC on the fast track.
    • Having a TN Investment Summit similar to the Gujarat one to attract more investors.

    I think not only in Constitution but also in economy we have a quasi-federal kind of structure. States have to project their own development to ensure that more Central grants, more industrial investment,more happiness for its people is ensured. So, at last one can be happy that the country as a whole is receiving more investment/industrial/human development. Having said that, there should not be neck-deep fighting between states. Competition can be healthy when it doesnt affect the larger interest. So far at least the competition has been healthy.
  • Naxalism emerged as a spontaneous response to the peasant exploiting practices in the Zamindari system. Historically tamilnadu followed Ryotwari system. Hence naxalism was unable to make much gains during the early years of its formation within the state. Having said that naxalism HAS entered the state at various points in time. But the state governments swift action time and again(such as the uthangarai encounter) ensured that naxalism did not get a foothold within the state.
  • Factors responsible for the growth of automobile industry in tamilnadu

    1) automobile sector specific packages offered by the successive state governments.
    2) ease of access to export markets outside India.
    3) boom of ITindustry and increase in per capita income of the people which means higher disposable income and higher purchasing power and ultimately a strong market close to manufacturing base.
    4) tamilnadu ranks first in the economic freedom index among all states in India.
    5) Automobile accessories supplier base available for automobile industries. Apart from automobile manufacturing the state is also the leading manufacturer of the automobile components and spare parts

    New initiatives to attract more investment to the state

    1) man power and Cargo handling capacity of tamilnadu ports has to be enhanced
    2) power crisis has to be resolved at the earliest.
    3) As mentioned already fast tracking of CBIC project.

    As for competition between states affecting the spirit of co operative federalism

    I don't think co operative federalism has anything to do with the inter state relations or the competition between them.Co operative federalism, as a principle, deals with centre state relationships and sharing of power structure between them. I don't see the connection in this regard. Please help me clarify this.
  • @Sasidharan_54

    1. How does strategic gaming help you in being in civil servant. They are very addictive and if you waste your time there then how will you be a civil servant?  [Stressful Board]
    2. How do you think your gaming hobby will help you in your career(you can also put in specifically like IAS/IFS/IPS)  [Cordial Board]

    From the answer you have given above,
    3. Dont you think that if people find IT industry attractive, then they will join the IT industry more than becoming automobile engineers, which is detrimental to the automobile industry? 
  • While There is a general perception that gaming in general is addictive, I believe that it has it's merits as well. This is especially true with strategic gaming. It enhances your situational awareness and it improves your decision making. Unlike a reflexive game which enhances a player's reflexes, a strategic game enhances the player's thinking, it makes you think your way out of complex situations. I believe this is one of the qualities that is being expected out of civil servant no matter whether you are IAS or IPS or an IFS.

    I think shortage of workforce for an industry is something, we don't have to worry about in India, atleast not yet. India produces tonnes of engineers every year, of course quality of engineers is a cause of concern but I believe India has enough workforce to satisfy the appetite of various industries. As a case study, This shift of people opting for IT industry over other sectors has already been witnessed in tamilnadu during the 2005-2008 period. ( proof : Anna university counselling details during the period). But despite this automobile sector continued its boom in tamilnadu to the level that chennai is called Detroit of India.

  • Hi,
    Name: Ashish
    Grad.: B.Tech. IIT Roorkee (Computer Science)
    Location: Right now in Bangalore (Karnataka). Originally from Varanasi (U.P.)
    Work ex: Working in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Electronics Division, Bangalore (a Govt. of India enterprise) (2+ year)

    I request you people to kindly help me in my interview preparation. What are the probable questions that come to your mind when you see this info. I will be highly grateful.
    @Mrunal, brother you are doing an awesome job! Kudos to you.

    ... ashish
    1. Maha Kumbh Mela is to be held in this year. You're given the responsibility to handle the event. What will you do for crowd-control, sanitation, lost-n-found items etc? Does Computer science have any practical application here? And most importantly, how will you make your staff use that technology?
    2. Do you think the need for 'artistic-expression' justifies actors smoking and drinking on cinema screen and those vulgar songs. dances and dialogues? To what extend should Government intervene in these matters? (in context of recent controversy of Honey Singh post-Delhi Gangrape).
    3. What do you know about BHEL's contribution to Defense sector?