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Interview discussion for UPSC Civil service 2013
  • @Firstimer

    1)If u r the district collector, what measures would u hav taken in case of a severe cyclone accompanied with flash floods hit ur district??
    2)In the wake of Delhi rape event, what measures should be taken to improve protection and security to women in metros?
    3) What do u anticipate about the health sector in the future in india..public funded or private ur stand!!!
    4)Which was the painting that impressed u till date the most n why??
    5)Suggest some measures for rain water harvesting and what measures u wud take to improve irrigation in drought prone areas??
    6) What is the role of Madras presidency in freedom struggle??
  • Sir, i hv cleared mains in first attempt.. dual degree in Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology from IIT-BHU, Varanasi
    belongs to rewari, haryana
    didn't pick a job from campus placements
    hobbies: reading books, computer games, movies
    optionals: geography, chemistry

    help me with expected questions... n ur site helped me a lot for gs prep in mains..thnx a lot :)
  • Hello

    Shilpa Agarwal here.

    Current Location : Uttarakhand (since 2004)
    Academics : BBA, MBA in HR Specialization
    Experience : HR Manager with Maruti Suzuki Dealership from 2007 till 2011
    Hobby : Travelling places
    Activities : Writing poems
    Optionals : Public Administration, Psychology

    Kindly tell me expected interview questions and what do you suggest interview attire for the females ?

  • hey friends,

    Optionals-pub ad ,geo
    Academics-dce(du) in ECE 2010 batch
    Experience-SAIL as MTT
    Hobbies-Playing cricket,cycling,sudoku solving,watching tv news debates
    birth place-karauli,rajasthan

    where should i go for mock interviews?
  • Firstly very much thankful to mrunal sir...who has started such a excellent forum for CSE interview prep....hello guys i m new member to this forum...seeking a questions frm all of u relating to CSE interview nd some based on my profile....

    Name- Amit Singh
    Academics- in computer science frm JSS Noida
    Optionals-History nd hindi literature
    Hobbies-Teaching, Watching Sports Events,
    Activities- Served as discipline head at school level, Quizzing head college society 'QUIZZOC' , college cultural fest co-ordinator,Quizzing
    home town -Etawah (near Kanpur), U.P.
  • Hey Guys,
    I am through to the Interviews. This is my first interview. I am a little apprehensive because i have no exp of a UPSC interview.
    I am posting a brief resume of mine. Any help or inputs from your side will be highly appreciated.
    Name: Atul Roy
    Academics: B Sc Chemistry, MBA in Finance
    Optionals: Geo and Pub Ad
    Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Reading Classics, Playing Cricket
    Exp: nil
    Activities: Captained university cricket team, Best trainee award in rock climbing course, SAIL scholarship, quizzes etc
    Home Town: Asansol (West Bengal)

    Thanks and regards
  • @Rajesh_dce2010

    I am joining Samkalp and ALS. ALS is much better than VAJI. You can consider these.
  • @Shilpa_Agarwal ,
    The best attire for females wud be a saree in my opinion if you are comfortable with it. You can go for a suit also. Try to keep it simple with minimum jewellery and accessories.
  • Hello sir,

    I am Krishna Chaitanya

    Grad: Btech, chemical Engineering (IIT Guwahati)
    Location: Nellore, Andhra Pradesh
    Work-ex (if any): NLC Nalco ( sales of Water treatment Chemicals), Engineers India Limited (presently working) (my work involves designing he process for refineries)
    hobby/Extra-curri: Cooking, Jogging.... Yoga is also mentioned in my summary sheet as Extra - curri

    Thanks and regards
  • Hi,

    Please help me interview questions relating to Public administration and Sociology.
  • Priya Meghrajani
    Graduation : Bachelor of Physiotherapy (medicine course)
    College of grad : Seth G Medica l College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai, Maharastra (govt medical college)

    Service Pref : IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS
    Cadre Pref : Mah, Guj, Kar

    Hobbies : Forest Trekking, Diet Cooking, Rifle Shooting,
    Sports : NCC, Swimming
    Scholarships : Dorabji Tata grad scholaships
    Leadership : Student caretaker for 3yrs in college

    Home Town : Aurangbad, Maharashtra

    Biodata also includes 6 districts due to fathers' transferrable job (how much to focus on each place details ?)

    Kindly help with questions and cross questions thereafter..
  • hi
    i am T.muruganantham
    B.Sc(Agri) passed out in 2008
    optionals: Geography and Agriculture.
    location: Dindugal.TN
    hobbies: Meditation
    hi sir this is first my interview.

  • from gondal, Gujarat.
    Grad - Physiotherapy,
    Hobby/extra curricular - sudoku, pranayam, walking, child mentoring, volunteering- blood donation, de-addicition

    kindly help with the expexted questions. appearing for interview for the first time
  • Hello,
    I am Abhishek Ruhela.
    Edu: B.Tech from IIT Roorkee.
    Hobby: Reading (non Fiction), Football, Situation Comedy.
    Optionals: Psychology & Public Administration
    Location: Sikar, Rajasthan
  • Pankaj
    Edu: B.A(economics, english literarure) and M.A(ancient indian history)
    Hobby: watching movies and sketching
    Optionals: HISTORY & Pol. sci. IR
    Location: UTTARAKHAND
  • Brij Shankar
    Edu: B.Tech(chemical engg, nit,surat,2005-09)
    Work: current HPCL,vishakh refinery,earlier worked in NATIONALfertiliers a software firm
    optional; pub ad &sociology
    Hobby:cooking food listening music & reading short stories &poem
    first attempt
    no coaching
    please help with sum impt question nd area of prepration
  • hi all,
    i am kamal.

    grad in commerce
    practice as a chartered accountant for last two yrs
    location delhi
    optionals were commerce and sanskrit
    hobbies are listening to music and watching movies, both with frighteningly wide scope for questions.

    thanks all for this wonderful place..
  • Interview Schedule for 4-8 March

    1. Personality Test of the 420 candidates whose Roll No. are given in this PDF file (CLICK ME), will be conducted during the period from 4th March to 8th March, 2013.
    2. These candidate are required to present th emselves in the office of the Co mmission along-with the requisite certificates (in original and photocopy) in support of educational qualification, date of birth, community/ category etc as well as  two passport size photographs.
    3. The candidates for the forenoon session are to report at the Commission’s office at 0900 hrsand
    4. the candidates for the afternoon session are to report at 1315 hrs
  • hi, i m new 2 this forum. i m posting my profile in the hope of finding some help.

    dentist. finished intrnship nov.12 from govt. dental college, rohtak, haryana.
    born at smastipur, bihar. father in lic so lived at bokaro, gaya, patna, hazaribagh, etc. schooling kendriya vidyalaya till 5th., rps, patna till 10th and dav, patna till 12th. first attempt. optionals pol sc and sociology. studied in icse board till 10th. economics in both 10th and 12th as the optional subject. hobbies- reading books, creative writing. no sports. won debates, writing and spelling competition in school. scholarship in school from 7th to 10th. ntse merit holder. member of event organizing commitee in college. won essay competition in college.
    my creative writing works include some like autobiography of a skull, being the vice chancellor: a student's perspective, the virtue of forgiveness, some short stories in hindi.
    i am a voracious reader of both english and hindi literature. fiction and non fiction both.

    presently not employed anywhere and no work ex.

    i have observed fruitful discussions on previous pages, hoping 2 b a part of it.

  • oh yeah 1 more ques plz, i have received an email from imran farid sir that my interview is scheduled for d 1st session beginning from 4th march but my roll no. is not in d list. infact the 44 series has not yet started and mine is 446782. so what 2 do?
  • @mrunal
    my personality test is on 5'th
    need guidance
  • Hello all,
    First of all the best to all the dear aspirants and i am a friend of yours waiting in the queue to be an IPS officer.
    Here is my short description and i hope we all will make this forum a success partner for us.

    Name: Ashutosh Mohle
    Profile: Graduate in Computer Science and Engineering have a small work experience with Adobe Systems.
    Objective: To serve my nations through my general and technical eruditions along with learning in every field.
    Subjects: History and Political Science (Hindi Medium).

    Qus: What should be done to increase women's safety in metros:
    Ans: Here are some necessary steps that must be taken.
    1) All the late working women should be dropped at their doorsteps and should be provided a guard if she is travelling alone with the driver.
    2) Lady cab driver's should be hired.
    3) Along with the security CCTV cameras, alarms should be placed. Ringing of alarms could be a signal for criminals (as we see in the old Indian movies criminals fled only after hearing the Poilce jeep's siren).Mute cameras dont work as checkers but the alarms will do.
    4) Drunkards shouldn't be allowed to travel in any type of public transport.
    5) In the worst crime areas police should lay traps like catching the harassers by placing police women as prey girls.( This trick has proved useful recently in Kanpur).
    6) Policemen should be trained in effective communication so that a girl could walk freely to the police station and never hesitates calling police.
    7) Generally police dont pay heed to online vulgar messages and threats. They should take these matters responsibly too.
    8) Auto rickshaws and three wheelers should be prohibited from playing vulgar songs (H. Singh's etc, "seene pe photo fevicol..").

    <----------comments from u all needed to finish this list---------->

    Next Ques: Can the Indian rivers be cleaned?
  • hi tanu
    good day. does being a dentist help u in district administration? u support lowering juvenile age limit? why? to increase child sex ratio?
  • aspirant018 thanks for ur questions.
    1.can predict cyclone formation beforehand.estimate the no of people under threat.immediately vaccate people from low lying region and flood prone areas and make them stay in safer place.have adequate food supply clothes medicine etc.have doctors check the needy regularly.since electricity nd comunication likely 2 b affected sat phones,battery run lights must.

    2.i agree with ashutosh. recruiting female drivers, conductors,lady police must increase.if a company cannot afford to drop female workers at their doorsteps then dont give them night shifts.female fast track courts, all female police station, female helpline number shd be increased.above everything the attitude of men towards women shd change big time.

    3,health sector definitely public. but with more strict punishments for corrupt officials,online complaint desk, etc.

    5.rain water harvesting must b made compulsory lik has provide excellent just 5 yrs,the water table has increased more than 50%.underground storage, sloping wall attached to roof top tank, storage in existing wells etc...
    as for drought prone areas dry farming can be introduced. water exhaustive crops shd be reduced.. gm crops can also b introduced,
  • Can Anyone tell the logic behind the order in which people are being called for the interview?
  • Where can we get the forms for Questionere, Attestation form and TA form?
  • @ firstimer. hello

    1. well i cant say that being a dentist would directly help me be an administrator except if i am posted in the health deptt. there i would definitely be a useful asset owing to my medical knowledge especially when we are dealing with anti cancer programmes as oral cancer is the most common type of cancer in india. however being a dentist has endowed with a very basic quality and that is improvisation. learning quickly and adapting to changing conditions is one of the most important qualities of an administrator. so i will say that dentistry in some cases will help me directly and in most other cases indirectly. is quite a controversial ques but i think i ll go against it. lowering the age limit for being considered a juvenile is a summation of various factors. the verma commitee recommendations are a reflection of the world standards when dealing with juvenile age limit. the teenage is a formative period when it is the most difficult 2 distinguish between right and wrong. the crimes committed by this age group are a reflection of the society's inability to provide proper guidance and care. and even if they are tried as adults, how could we justify ourselves in front of int'l community for givig them death sentence when it is not allowed even in pakistan and china for offenders below 18 yrs.

    3. increasing child sex ratio is a function of increase in respect for females in society. govt. is using all sorts of approaches from carrot and stick to stronger regulatory framework for strengthening the position of women. the amendments in pndt act, schemes like laadli yojana are commendable. however there is a need for greater focus on the psychological aspects of opting for female foeticide.

  • @ sri aditya

    yes i also want 2 knw whr 2 get d forms. has anyone received any kind of communication from upsc? is hafte koi h yahan pe intrvw dene wala?
  • @Tanu Hello
    I agree with all your comments regarding Juvenile age, Indeed lowering it or not is a subject matter needy of great discussion.
    In long term changes in education system will bring a change in mindsets of the juveniles but what could we do for the short term. 1000 Rapes in India are committed by the juveniles and as per law they could get a punishment ranging max to 3 years. We have to devise up such a law which deals with juveniles as juveniles but in a different manner that sends a lesson to whole society and the convicts.

    I request all to put their comments for this ...what could be done in short term to check this increasing juvenile conviction rate.
  • How to increase Child sex ratio?
    1) The main reason for declined sex ratio is the dowry system still prevailing in India, it must be made necessary to register a marriage along with the gift items being transferred to groom's side.
    2) Effective implementation of the dowry law.
    3) Parenting should be same for boys and girls, if a girl is told to wear a duppatta in a certain way then at the same time a boy ust be taught how to behave with a girl. This will lessen the fear instilled in the minds of parents against having a girl child.
    4) Spreading the message using panchayats or community radios (in the places where Door Darshan is unavailable) about the girls who are an ideal for whole India.
    5) Special programs in AIR and DD should be broadcasted which show the lives of great indian women.
    6) Strict punishment for the clinics involved in illegal female foeticide.
    7) Special focus on women's education(even if the women is married).
    8) Special tele education programs in aganbadi etc to train the womens.

    9)<----leaving it for the valuable comments from my friends here>
  • Opinion based Questions

    1. In the context of Hyderabad blasts: Some state Governments are against NCTC, they say NCTC will be an EPICFAIL. Do you agree with this? If no, then why? and If yes then what should be done?
    2. Given terrorism and naxal problems (+blatant misuse of State police machinary to crush down freedom of speech in Asim Trivedi (parliament cartoon), Prof.Mohpatra (Mamta Cartoons), and Facebook girls (Shivsena),.......therefore "police and public order" should be moved to Concurrent list. Agree / Disagree, why?
    3. Today's IndianExpress: Sibbal says (with respect to, 2G judgement) "Good intentions don't necessarily make good law because the nature of decision-making in court is different from decision-making in government. I think we will have to rethink the role of institutions and the contours of their jurisdiction." Agree / Disagree, why?
  • IBPS PO 2 result was announced few days back. I got 67.76 marks in that and expected to get good bank. Right now I'm in TCS but here I'm not getting time to study for civil service exam. I want to join bank so that I can study there. but my ultimate aim is IAS. I'm 21 years old. Please suggest me should I join bank and if I'll get ample time to study there?
  • @Abhi_par448

    You will get the time to study in Bank only if you are posted in any B town and not in a metro. Because it will not give you sufficient time in Metro or big cities. Now a days Banking has become more and more time taking job which will exhaust your mind and body both.
  • Myself Dr. Vikas
    Qualification: B.E. CSE and Ph.D.
    It is my last attempt and first interview experience.
    Quite anxious..

    What if I'm unable to answer few questions related to current affairs or GK. I could not find time to revise GKdue to my busy schedule in the university where I'm working as an associate professor.
  • And I forgot to mention optionals are Philosophy and Hindi Literature
  • @ All
    If you are an IAS officer and you are scolded by a minister, what will be your response to that?
  • @ anuj
    the minister is my senior and boss. i will listen to his advice and explain my position regarding that particular situation.i believe that he would be convinced after listening to my side of the story.

    reason: how can i suppose that a person senior 2 me is scolding me for a wrong reason unless and until it is particularly specified in the question.
  • @ mrunal

    1. nctc after a few modifications will be most suitable as a coordinating agency and its presence will reinforce our security architecture. the level of flexibility shown by the home ministry in addressing the concerns of states points to a positive and accomodating approach ahead that can save NCTC from being an #EPICFAIL.
    2. police and public order are bettr left untouched in the state list. bringing them into concurrent list will give rise to allegations of over centalization and would be seen as encroachment on state's powers. moreover, centre has control on the overall security and can act under art 355 to protect states.
    3. mr.sibbal is correct in his opinion but we can't forget that good intentions are the basic foundation of any good law. the way judiciary is acting through pil s to protect the interests of the public is a commendable effort. yet it is a violation of the rights of the legislature. so in keeping with the spirit of the constitution a relook at the roles of three organs of the govt has become imminent.
  • After the mains result many have forgot the forum. Anyway, I have interview on 14th March. So fingers crossed!! After attending few mocks in Delhi, I understand that its better to have a very open mind, and be frank in answering. Preparation for interview is not possible except for few expected questions on the biodata. I hope God will be with me and get through the interview and become an IAS officer this year. See you after 14th. :)
  • dont consider it "genralize" way i got through with ssc and wannna prepare 4 civil but confused with subjects
    as i am engineer by back ground so i cant answer long question very effectively PLZ suggest which subject i should opt for so it will ease & help me {IN DIS MAXIMUM STUDENTS CLRD CIVIL SO PLZ SUGGEST ME my elders}
  • sir u can send ur suggestion in my mail if u hv time(i knw ur schedule is very hectic if u get time in coming days ):"[email protected]"
  • Hey all,I am done with my interview on 13th march in purushottam agarwal sir's panel.panel was cordial and i am the last one in that panel for afternoon session.i think interview went on for 15-20 minutes.Dont be scared or tensed by the looks and expressions of one person in that panel as i think he just observes you throughout to test your psyche through questions and weird looks.All the questions are from my and sociology and about engineering subjects as i have done engg in mechanical stream. All the best to all
  • My interview details:
    Board: Mr. David
    Date: 22nd March 2013
    Optional Subjects: Mechanical Engineering& Geography
    Other Hobbies: Trekking, Biking, Social Event Organising, Badminton….

    Chairman Mr. David: (All General, No specific…)
    1. You have chosen interesting combination of Mechanical Egg. And Geography, Tell me what made u to chose these?
    2. Which topic u like most in Geography? I said Climatology...
    3. Who has won Nobel prize for Climate change recently? I dono….
    1. R u still working? Where? As What? Your Job Scope & Responsibilities?
    4. What does N. stands for in N.Ganesh..
    5. U still play badminton? U do biking,trekking,?.... Which are the places u have trekked?
    6. How u balance CS prepration and ur job?

    Member 1: (Lady member from TN)

    1. Why Civil Services?
    2. How to eliminate Child Labour?
    3. Once u eliminate CL how do u substitute 4 their workforce?(I fumbled )
    4. What is ur primary objective? I said education
    5. What will u do to overcome problems of education?
    6. Other than Tamil nadu ,what are ur other options for cadre? I told Orissa  but ap is my 2nd option…managed by telling my 2nd 3rd 4th options are AP,Maharashtra,Orissa where the naxalite problems are general and most of the districts in red corridor lacked development and pulled them into naxalism
    7. What is KBK?
    8. What u think is lagging in koraput?
    9. How u tackle it?
    10. Haven’t u heard that kalahandi’s health problems such as U5MR, Malnutrition,,,,I admitted by saying yes yes yes…
    Chairman interrupted….
    11. Tell something abt Social event Organising? What u do?
    12. Are u satisfied with ur work?

    Member2: (least audible of all)
    1. Extended the question of Social Event organizing….
    2. What are the various types of forces? I told gravitational electromagnetic magnetic….(Mech…)
    3. Geography: 1.Inversion of temperature 2.Layers of atmosphere 3.Exosphere (really easy Qs)

    1. Are u working as a driller?
    2. What is the major product exported from india to us related to drilling?
    3. When is the Oil production started in india,Which company,which is the first well?
    4. Russian experts said that india is utilizing only 16pc of its reserves ,Is it ? Substantiate?
    5. What are the plans india has for increasing it E&P activities?

    1. What are the Environmental Issues related to Oil industry?
    2. What is Environmental Prevention Act?
    3. What are the major Environmental related incidents/accidents in india in last decade?Explain?
    4. What are the issues as an employee of ongc u face with people?
    5. Do u recommend privatization of Oil industry?
    6. How to regulate Oil industry and what are the institutions?
    7. Tell me about Bhopal Gas Tragedy…
    8. What is difference between human error and negligence?
    9. As a administrator/Head of Safety what u could have done in Bhopal gas tragedy?

    1. Do u recommend to include pvt. Companies in ambit of CAG
    2. What is the issue with RIL?
    3. What are the issues of Profit Sharing Contract?

    Ok Ganesh.Your interview is over.. You may Leave now…

  • @Ganesh
    Hey good transcript :-)
  • @venkat1259 sir plz suugest me
  • vijay singh board- 13/3/2013
    My hobbies- reading books, watching movies, driving car on long journey
    My optionals- history, maths

    (C- chairman, I1, I2, I3, I4- panelists, M- me)

    C- come in, please take a seat
    M- thank you sir, good evening sir, man, sir (nodded all)
    C-so, you have worked as a software engineer, what have you been doing after quitting job (almost 2 yrs ago)
    M- i prepared for civil services partly and assisted my father in his work.
    C- what does he do?
    M- sir, he is a consultant, if you want to establish a MSME in and around bangalore, he will guide and help you to do it.
    C- so, it must be interesting job then?
    M- yes, sir- it involves preparing project report, various analysis ....
    C- Your hobby includes driving car on long journey- what is the longest drive you have made?
    M- Bangalore to nagarjunasagar dam-
    C- how long is it?
    M- almost 750 kms
    C- was it having serene kind of beauty..?
    M- not much sir, upto kurnool it is NH7- afterwards it state highway which passes through Nallamalla forest.
    C- you have also said reading books is your hobby, what kind of books you read?
    M- sir, general books
    C- any example?
    M- breaking india by Rajiv Malhotra
    C- what is it about?
    M- it is about how western NGOs and other institutions are creating divisive nature in our society by subverting various truths for their own benefits.
    C- do you believe him?
    M- yes sir, he has provided evidence of each mention he has made.
    C- who is this rajiv malhotra
    M- sir, he is a scientist in USA.
    C- what do you think is the function of NGO?
    M- creating awareness and empowering people.
    C- Do you know any good NGO doing good job?
    M- no sir, not as i know.

    I1- do you know carbon credit?
    M- yes mam, it is the credit given to the industry if it emits less than the permitted ceiling limit of Co2
    I1- do you know about international trading in carbon credit?
    M- i know there is trading in international market, but i dont know much about trade aspects.
    I1- 1 million Co2 is equal to 1 carbon credit. Do you know about it in india?
    M- mam, i know that in TN & guj such trading has been allowed.

    I2- nowadays so much hype in media... what is headlines one day is not mentioned the next day. ... what do you think about that
    M- Sir, in democracy, we should make our decision. we shouldnot depend on others for our decision making process. We should refer only to facts provided by ground staff. We should realise that media is also private entity of vested groups. We should make the own decision for effective participation in democracy.
    I2- what is the difference between moral integrity and financial integrity?
    M- sir, If there is moral integrity then there is financial integrity as well. Fin integrity is a subset of moral integrity
    I2- give an example of moral integrity?
    M- if there was moral integrity, the delhi gangrape would not have happened.

    I3- you have some initials, what does it stand for?
    M- (answered it)
    I3- why is at the end of the name?
    M- initials are usually put at the end to maintain the alphabetical order.
    I3- your optional is maths- what is rolles theorem- write it?
    M- wrote and gave it.
    I3- seeing it, what is this continuity...?
    M- (blabbered a bit)
    I3- what is the condition for that?
    M- the limits must be the same in the neighbourhood of that point.
    I3- what is asymptote?
    M- is the st. line where the curve tends to meet it at infinity.
    I3- what is taylor's series?
    M- expansion of a function as infinite series around a point
    I3- do you know contour integration?
    M- i know sir, but i am not comfortable with it.
    I3- ok, what is maclaurin's series?
    M- expansion of a function as infinite series around origin- it is a special case of taylor's series.

    C- thank you, smiling.
    M- thank you, thank you sir......

    Do let know the comments on how it has gone by. :)

    Thank you
  • @ArjunP
    Thats a clean and neat interview. There are no reasons for you to get below 200... All the best.
  • Hi Mrunal Sir,

    I am aware of IAS as I was following your blog for sometime, I have been struggling due to some issues, but I realised that they are not going to stop and I should start walking path I dream of, I just want to ask two questions, hope you will give prompt response.

    1. I am a working professional, Is it possible for any individual who clear prelims at this moment when only 1 month is left. considering as prelims as only option,

    2. What should be strategy to complete paper 1 or paper 2 first, (Quant part or GS part)
  • hi frnds!!

    my details are:-

    name: shruti

    grad: (electronics engg.)

    home state: M.P.

    previous placement: as a software engg in an IT company bt i didn't join..

    hobbies: diary writing & to spend time with elderly people and children.

    plz suggest some ques. for interview..
  • Nice Post !

    Currently i am admission at Paradigm IAS Academy - Classes starts from 30th June 2013 @ pune, Mumbai , navimumbai and borivali