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how to prepare ssc in 25 days
  • actually i am working in infosys, but i am preparing for ssc, unfortunately i couldn't prepare for ssc(lack of focous), but now 25 days still remaining, i am from maths background so apti, reasoning and may be english too i can handle(need atleast revision)(i have seen it). but My GS is bad, so please guide me how to prepare Gs for ssc in 25 days, or all the subjects. I cant buy ncert or download too(restrict access). and as 25 days remaing so its hard to finish them too.
    i have lucent and kiran parkashan book(mainly have questions, cant prepare gk). so all please tell me how to prepare Gs in 25 days or even all the subjects. please help me.
  • hey!! u just need to get through Lucent!1 its enough for SSc